Character Creation

Follow the instructions starting on page 64 of the Mage: The Awakening rulebook. Below is a reproduction of the steps.

Bonus XP opportunity

If you send me a character background that addresses at least some of the questions in the last step of character creation, I will grant you 5 bonus XP that you may spend during character creation. I’d love the background in story form, but if you’d prefer to send it in Q&A format, that is fine with me.

Character Creation steps

  1. Character concept
  2. Select attributes (remember, the fifth dot in any attribute costs two dots to purchase)
  3. Select Skills
  4. Select Skill Specialties (example Drive: Motorcycles or Drive: Off-road vehicles)
    • Remember that you make up skill specialties to associate with skills
    • Skill specialties never help with spellcasting
  5. Add Mage qualities
    • Select a Path
    • Select an Order (remember that you get a free bonus dot in a resistance attribute; pg 66)
    • Set your Gnosis to 1
  6. Select Merits (you get 7 points to spend)
    • You gain High Speech for free
    • You can increase your Gnosis at a cost of 3 merit points per dot
    • You may choose Merits either from the World of Darkness book or from Mage: The Awakening
    • You may want to consider getting the Sanctum and Hallow Merits as a group; they can be handy
    • Remember that the fifth or more dot of anything (including a Merit) costs 2 points
      • Example: If you get a 5 dot artifact, it costs you 6 points; 4 points for the first 4 dots, then 2 points for the 5th
  7. Determine advantages
    • Set Willpower
    • Set Wisdom to 7
    • NEW TO MAGE: You may “sell” up to 2 Wisdom dots for 5 xp each
    • Select Virtue and Vice
  8. Describe your Awakening
  9. Read pg 67 Style and Substance to get some ideas
  10. Consider answering the questions on pgs 70/71 under Question and Answer

Character Creation

Mage Ehrick